Best Matchmaking Service in Calgary

1. Personal Touch Calgary

Personal Touch Matchmaking is a renowned Calgary-based matchmaking service founded and operated by Pat Wright, who possesses an impressive 40 years of experience in the matchmaking and dating service industry. What sets Personal Touch apart is their dedication to knowing each client personally. All clients undergo thorough interviews conducted in the office, allowing the team to build a genuine connection with them. Using this firsthand knowledge, they meticulously match clients with others who display compatibility based on various factors, including physical criteria and personal requirements. 

Calgary's single population is steadily growing, comprising individuals who are separated, divorced, widowed, or have never been married. Many of them are new to the Calgary area or have recently become single. Traditional avenues such as singles bars or online dating platforms do not appeal to them. These busy individuals often struggle to find the time to search for that special someone. Recognizing this need, Personal Touch Matchmaking goes above and beyond to provide the best service possible. They understand the unique challenges faced by their clients and are committed to helping them find love and companionship.

2. Krystal Walter Matchmaking

In matters of the heart, experience plays a crucial role, and Krystal Walter Matchmaking understands this deeply. Renowned as one of Canada's most esteemed and highly regarded dating services, Krystal Walter Matchmaking has been successfully connecting singles across North America since 2012. With over a decade of industry experience, Krystal has honed her matchmaking style to prioritize her clients and provide a personalized approach.
Krystal and her dedicated team go beyond superficial preferences, taking the time to delve into clients' personalities, values, and lifestyles. Through comprehensive consultations and assessments, they gain a deep understanding of who you are and what you seek in a partner. This thorough process enables them to create a detailed and accurate portrayal of your unique characteristics and relationship aspirations.
Leveraging their wealth of experience, Krystal Walter Matchmaking has meticulously crafted a matchmaking process designed to optimize compatibility. Potential matches are carefully selected based on a thoughtful combination of shared interests, values, and long-term goals. The success stories that have emerged from their services are a testament to their expertise, with countless individuals finding their perfect match through their tailored approach.

3. eharmony

eHarmony is an online dating platform and mobile application that aims to facilitate the discovery of genuine love through compatibility. With a history dating back to the year 2000, we have consistently led the way in establishing highly harmonious relationships by analyzing key personality traits that serve as reliable predictors of successful and meaningful connections. Throughout the past two decades and more, we take immense pride in having fostered over 2 million thriving relationships across a remarkable span of 125 countries.
Since its inception, eHarmony has been a pioneer in the realm of online dating, offering a unique approach that goes beyond superficial attraction. Our primary focus is on matching individuals who possess compatible qualities and shared values, thereby increasing the likelihood of long-lasting and fulfilling partnerships. By delving deep into the dimensions of personality that truly matter, we enable our users to embark on a journey towards finding true love.
With a robust and innovative algorithm at the core of our matching process, eHarmony has revolutionized the way people approach online dating. Our algorithm takes into account various crucial aspects, including character traits, communication styles, and relationship goals. By analyzing extensive data and utilizing advanced statistical models, we strive to provide our users with the highest probability of finding their ideal partners.

4. 25 Dates

Tel:(905) 842-2822
Setting themselves apart from other speed dating companies, offers a unique "No Match, Come Back for Free Guarantee!" They are the only company in North America that provides participants with a complimentary event if they do not receive at least one mutual match (where both participants choose each other) at their initial event. With a commendable 76% match rate, on average, participants can expect to find at least one match per event.
Inclusivity is a key aspect of's approach, as they organize speed dating events for straight, gay, and lesbian individuals. The company has gained recognition and media coverage from prominent outlets such as CNN, Canada AM, Reader's Digest, Flare, and The Toronto Star, among others. Notably, the founder of, Ragna Stamm'ler-Adamson, met her husband at one of their events, and their first child was born in December 2008. With numerous long-term relationships, marriages, and even babies resulting from their events, takes pride in being a catalyst for meaningful connections.

5. Modern Blind Dates

Modern Blind Dates operates as a personal services business based in Calgary, Alberta. Specializing in the realm of blind dates, they offer a contemporary approach to matchmaking and connecting individuals. Situated in the heart of Alberta, Modern Blind Dates caters to clients seeking assistance in finding romantic partners.With a focus on personal services, Modern Blind Dates aims to facilitate meaningful connections and introductions between individuals who are open to the excitement and mystery of blind dating. By embracing the concept of blind dates, the company offers a unique and modern twist to traditional matchmaking methods.
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Modern Blind Dates taps into the vibrant and diverse local community, providing a platform for individuals to explore new possibilities in their search for love and companionship. By offering personalized matchmaking services and curated blind date experiences, Modern Blind Dates endeavors to create opportunities for genuine connections to flourish in the bustling city of Calgary.