Best Innovation Awards

Best Innovation Awards

Awarded to:SBS Company

A Pioneer in Basement Solutions

SBS Company, as exemplified by their  website (, stands as a true pioneer in the field of basement solutions. With a steadfast commitment to transforming dark and underutilized basement spaces into vibrant, functional areas, SBS has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the industry. Their innovative approach, fueled by cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of experts, has resulted in numerous accolades and awards, recognizing their exceptional contributions to basement renovation and transformation.

Recognition of Accomplishment

Recipients of the Calgary Biz Book Innovative Award not only gain recognition for their ingenuity but also serve as inspiring examples for other small businesses striving for success in a rapidly evolving market. These honored companies have harnessed the power of innovation to enhance their products and services, improve their operational efficiency, and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. The award section serves as a platform to celebrate their accomplishments and foster a culture of continuous improvement and forward-thinking within the Calgary small business community.

 Practices and Community Engagement

The Innovative Award from Calgary Biz Book is more than just an accolade; it is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that thrives in Calgary. It encourages small businesses to embrace change, pursue innovative solutions, and lead the way in their respective industries. This recognition has become a symbol of excellence and a driving force for innovation, inspiring SBS companies to reach new heights and continue shaping the future of business in Calgary.