Best Eyelash Service Company in Calgary

1. The Brow Studio

Tel:(403) 245-4399
Experience the expertise of the talented Brow Artists at The Brow Studio as they create stunning brows tailored to your unique features. Unlike other studios, The Brow Studio doesn't adhere to a "signature brow" approach. Instead, they offer sophisticated analysis of each client's face, ensuring that every brow is custom-designed to become your very own signature brow. Alongside creating beautiful brows, the studio also focuses on educating clients about proper maintenance and enhancement techniques, empowering them to maintain their desired look.

During your visit, your artist will provide a comprehensive consultation, guiding you through the necessary steps to achieve your ultimate brow goals. The Brow Studio is renowned for its unparalleled knowledge and enduring commitment to client satisfaction, guiding you towards the best version of your brows.

2. Lola Lash Bar

Tel:(403) 264-5274
Lola Lash Bar has become the ultimate destination for all your eyelash needs in Calgary and Kelowna. Since its establishment in 2011, starting with a single downtown Calgary location, the lash bar's commitment to excellence quickly garnered recognition, leading to the expansion of their female-owned and operated empire. Today, they proudly serve clients at five exciting locations, including McKenzie Towne, Crowfoot, West 85th, and their newest venture in Kelowna, BC. Throughout their remarkable journey, Lola Lash Bar has remained steadfast in their mission to empower individuals of all genders, helping them enhance their natural beauty and boost their confidence.

At Lola Lash Bar, they prioritize hiring passionate lash technicians who hold certifications from top eyelash extension companies in North America. These skilled technicians not only excel in their craft but many of them are also qualified estheticians, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the science behind lashes and brows. This combination of passion, training, and extensive industry experience enables Lola Lash Bar to deliver exceptional lash extensions with a guarantee of quality in a professional, safe, and comfortable environment. By striving to create an atmosphere where clients can see their own beauty more clearly, Lola Lash Bar continues to make a positive impact and provide outstanding service to their valued clientele.

3. LoudLash

Tel:(403) 464-2341
Loud Lash is an esteemed lash extension experience located in Calgary, Alberta. At the helm of this exceptional studio is Sonnie, the owner and lead lash artist. Renowned for her skill in creating natural-looking, stunning, and fluttery lashes, Sonnie has established herself as a go-to professional in the field. However, it's not just her talent that sets her apart. Sonnie's engaging and hilarious personality adds an extra layer of enjoyment to every appointment, making the lash extension experience truly delightful. 

If you're in search of top-notch lash extensions in Calgary, Sonnie is the person you've been looking for.For further insights into Sonnie and her studio, you can explore the captivating blog posts written by one of her delighted clients, Babbling Panda. These blog posts offer a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the experiences and perspectives of those who have had the pleasure of visiting Loud Lash. Sonnie's expertise and the exceptional service provided at her studio have left a lasting impression on clients, making it an ideal destination for anyone seeking high-quality lash extensions in Calgary.

4. Lash Culture

Tel:(403) 879-2993
Lash Culture is dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and instilling confidence in individuals on a daily basis. They are committed to achieving excellence in every appointment they undertake. At the core of Lash Culture's mission is their unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality services while fostering a serene and relaxing atmosphere for their clients. They believe in the importance of self-care and strive to create an environment where clients can indulge in a pampering experience.

With a clear vision in mind, Lash Culture aims to establish itself as the leading destination for luxurious eyelash enhancements. Their focus on providing top-notch services and creating a sense of luxury sets them apart in the industry. By consistently delivering exceptional results and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Lash Culture is dedicated to becoming the go-to choice for those seeking premium eyelash enhancements.

5. JBeauty

Tel:(403) 805-3666
Skilled lash technician, is highly praised for her exceptional work in the field. Clients commend her for using top-quality materials, resulting in lightweight and comfortable lashes. With several months of experience under their belt, clients note that Amy's work remains intact for an impressive duration of three weeks before requiring a fill. Not only does Amy excel in her craft, but her studio also contributes to the overall experience. It is described as inviting and relaxing, adding an extra touch of comfort to each visit. Based on these positive experiences, the place comes highly recommended by satisfied clients who have benefited from Amy's expertise and the inviting ambiance of her studio.